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Quicksilver on Your iPhone is Fake

It’s an April Fool’s Day joke

The icon is a link in the iPhome code that iOS interprets as an app icon

An ‘app launcher’ with the power of Quicksilver is not possible on iOS. But with Apple’s mobile hardware becoming ever more powerful, and the increasing desire to use tablets in the workplace, perhaps a future iOS with more of the features and accessibility of OS X is not impossible. For now, we can only dream…



Quicksilver Coming on Your iPhone

Swipe it up

Never touch a mouse again

Finally the wait is over – Quicksilver is now available on iOS! Frameworks and APIs unveiled in iOS 7 mean that Quicksilver iOS, or ‘QuriOS’, can reach deep into your iPhone’s inner workings and rearrange them at will. Now, as in OS X, iOS 7 is at your fingertips!

QuriOS 1.0 brings all the features you love from Quicksilver to iOS. But there are also some great iOS-only innovations:

  • Predictive Commands
  • QuriOS learns your habits, and, over time, starts to carry out commands before you’ve even typed them! If you like to flip Flipboard over a muffin at breakfast, it will automagically open for you when QuriOS is first activated.

  • Siri integration
  • Using iOS 7’s dictation feature, you can now speak web searches into QuriOS, which, in turn, passes your messages on to Siri so you don’t have to.

  • Command-space to launch QuriOS
  • A ‘⌘’ key is added to iOS 7’s default keyboard, meaning you can invoke QuriOS any time you’re typing in an app. A welcome side effect of this feature is the ability to use OS X keyboard shortcuts in apps that accept them. For example, Byword iOS responds to ⌘B and ⌘I for bold and italic text. (And ⌘⇧Q logs out the current iOS user, so be careful.)

  • Custom commands for each finger
  • One of iOS 7’s new APIs opens up your iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint data* for use in 3rd-party apps. QuriOS cleverly uses this information to assign a different command to each fingerprint you register with Touch ID. Call your spouse with your right index finger. Use your left pinky to play a song in Music. Go with QuriOS’s default choices, or assign your own custom ‘trigger fingers’.

  • One-touch controls
  • Do everything with literally one touch at a time!

    You’ll soon come to regard QuriOS as your digital butler, or ‘Alfred’, to your iPhone’s OS, or ‘Bruce Wayne’.
    Happy touching!

    Download QuriOS for your iOS 7 device now!


    * Your fingerprint data resides on Quicksilver’s servers for just 30 days** (or until only the developers’ most trusted commercial partners have had a chance to bid for it). iPhone 5s only.

    ** NSA obligations permitting.

    iTunes Track Info

    Free your tracks’ data from iTunes’ clutches

    Looking good

    Still looking

    Following on from Upcoming Tracks, it’s possible to display all sorts of track information in a Growl notification – including (despite recent changes to image handling in Growl) a track’s artwork.

    Track Info displays (aside from the obvious info) the iTunes current track’s name, artist, rating (including ½ star ratings), comments and track equaliser. If set manually, the track’s start and finish times are also displayed.

    Displaying track artwork is possible thanks to this code by Nick Fagerlund, which takes a track’s raw image data and converts it into a TIFF file to allow Growl to display it. Customising the script to include any other iTunes information would be fairly straightforward (the code contains some explanation notes).

    In Quicksilver: Track Info.scpt ⇥ Run ⌃⏎ Add Trigger… ⇥ HotKey ⏎ – and you’re good to go.



    The β52s

    ♫ Dun dun dun dun da-da-da dun

    ♫ We were at a party

    Someone reached in and grabbed it ♫

    ♫ Lots of trouble

    Somebody went under a dock ♫

    ♫ Underneath the waves

    Clam shells clappin’ ♫

    ♫ Rock lobster?


    Upcoming Tracks

    Use Growl to see what’s up next in iTunes

    iTunes can be a great database of track and playlist information – but who wants to look at a database when listening to music? Growl is a great way to display iTunes information without dragging you into an app that looks more at home in an office than in a… home. This script gets Growl to display the next 50 or so tracks of the current iTunes playlist.

    The script substitutes the middle of long names with an ellipsis to keep them on one line

    The script registers the necessary notifications with Growl upon its first run. It’s optimised for Growl’s ‘Smoke’ display and a computer display 900px high – so tweak _numberOfTracks and (an even number of) _lengthOfText in the code to optimise it for your display of choice. (The ‘Starwl’ display can fit lots of info on each line.) Tested in Growl 2.1.3. It’s more informative with un-shuffled playlists. Hook it up to a Quicksilver trigger for instant playlist action.

    Growl’s preferences for the registered notifications

    Hit the small ‘+’ at the bottom of the window to add a HotKey trigger



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