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There’s a lot of communication improvements in ß70. Quicksilver is ready to be adressed in your preferred language. It’s more likely to find what you want, as it allows searching across an object’s display name or localised name. List results and certain file paths are presented in a more logical way. Search is now case insensitive, so typing ‘r’ or ‘⇧r’ returns the same results. Consequently, internal ⌘⇧letter shortcuts are more likely to execute the desired command. All this, plus a number of plugin system fixes, and speed and stability enhancements.

Here’s the full transcript:


  • Option to switch the keyboard layout when Quicksilver is active #987
  • Select the preferred input in Preferences.

    The options reflect the input sources selected in Language & Text in System Preferences

  • Allow searching on both filsystem and localized names for files and folders #730 #952 #1017
  • Search for the filesystem name or the display name.

    Both ‘Security & Privacy’ and ‘Security.prefPane’ can be searched for

  • Show the location for iCloud documents as “iCloud” instead of the actual path #1018
  • QS won’t show paths like this:
    /Users/home/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~TextEdit/Documents/list.txt

  • Required bundles are taken into consideration when loading plugins #1002 #1079
  • After going through the Setup Assistant, new users no longer need to manually refresh to download the list of plugins #1052 #1079
  • The latest version of a plugin for the current operating system will be downloaded instead of the latest overall version #1063 #1079
  • Plugins that satisfy dependencies will be downloaded immediately, instead of on the next relaunch #1079
  • When obsolete plugins are replaced, only one relaunch is required to fully get rid of it #1079

  • Fixed

  • Jump to the third pane when ⇧[Letter] shortcuts trigger an action that requires it #982 #966
  • Internal Quicksilver shortcuts just got a lot more useful. Previously, Running the ‘Move To…’ command from pane 1 using (for example) ⌘⇧M would immediately use the default folder in pane 3 – the file’s original parent folder.

    Jump to the third pane in one step instead of three, without running the command

  • Prevent the same object from being added more than once via the comma trick #1029
  • You won’t be able to do this any more:

    Actually, nothing bad happens in this case

  • The “Start at login” preference and “Open at Login”/”Do Not Open at Login” actions work under 10.8 #831 #1055
  • Preserve existing web sources when no network connection is available #960
  • Crash prevention #986 #1015 #1045 #828 #912 #1013 #1094

  • Changed

  • Don’t automatically switch to text mode unless searching the main catalog #981
  • When browsing within a folder, QS assumes a file is being sought and won’t switch to text mode, even if specified in Preferences>Command.

  • Files with leading numbers in their name are sorted like Finder #1029
  • Folder contents’ file names will be displayed as in Finder – numerically, not alphabetically.

  • Don’t distinguish upper and lower case letters. Ensures that holding ⇧ to select an action gives the same results as typing in the second pane normally #961 #853
  • Alter the appearance of text entry mode to more closely match the chosen interface #1029
  • Only search items matched by previous keystrokes (should speed matching) #1029
  • Don’t read whole files into memory when checking for executables #1025
  • A major cause of beachballing consigned to history.

  • The “Quicksilver Catalog Entries” preset is disabled by default for new users #1041
  • Browsing through folders should be faster #1029

  • Development

  • Removed unused `.xcconfig` files #956
  • Streamlined documentation process for plugins #988
  • New `indirectTypes` key for actions to filter what’s acceptable in the third pane #620 #1057 #1094

  • Quicksilver 1.0 gets that little bit closer.


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