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A new look, iCloud documents, new alternate actions, and much, much (much) more*

Quicksilver ß71 lands with a thud like a Sunday newspaper’s anniversary edition. Where to begin? As well as the headliners, new features include Mountain Lion notifications, more translations, the Large Type action for text files, multiple objects for triggers, and all apps being available for the ‘Open With…’ action.

Read the full changelog here. Now, let’s peruse the big features.

  • New bezel and icons
  • First, the cover. Big thanks go out to Dan Deming-Henes for his work on the Quicksilver and action icons, among others. We’ve had a lot of favourable feedback about the new look. However, it has attracted some criticism. So, in an effort to avoid an inter-appearance schism, the old bezel has been granted clemency. Simply go to Plugins, in Preferences, and install the Bezel Classic Interface.


  • iCloud documents
  • Your iCloud documents might exist only at the end of the rainbow, for all the information the system provides about their location. They do also reside on your computer, but the files are awkward to access manually. A typical iCloud file path:

    ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~Numbers/Documents/Blank.numbers-tef

    Quicksilver does away with this problem by providing a catalog entry for all iCloud documents. Start typing a name in the first pane, select an iCloud doc from the list, and pretty soon it’ll be the top hit for your preferred abbreviation. Also, → into an app to show all its iCloud docs, not just the recents. Or even → into the catalog entry to see every single iCloud document, ready to be opened in any application you wish!

    Your iCloud documents, back under your control.

    Makes a good trigger…

    …for this

  • New and discoverable alternate actions
  • There has always been the option to hold ⌘ to use an alternative action in the second pane. Now, the action will appear while ⌘ is pressed. New alternate actions have been added, and Preferences>Actions now shows which actions have alternates. Here’s the full core list: (Plugins are able to add additional alternates.)

  • Large Type action works on text files
  • Handy for quickly viewing lists.

  • More translations (localizations)
  • Volunteer translators welcome!

  • Text entry mode allows undo and substitutions
  • And this works even when tabbing out of text mode.

  • Mountain Lion notifications
  • With all the trimmings.

  • Triggers can be created for multiple files/folders/applications
  • Got a workflow that includes several apps and documents? Open them all in a stroke.

  • The ‘Open With…’ action lists all applications
  • Of particular annoyance to me was QS’s failure to show certain apps in pane 3 when using this action. No more. The only downside is a lot of unnecessary apps now appear in the list. Perfect, though, if you know what you’re looking for.

  • The interface remains visible when the Shelf or Clipboard are activated
  • This is great, as it’s now possible to use snippets in Quicksilver as well.

  • Users can control which file types get preview icons
  • Tired of that folder full of movies dragging QS down? For the tinkerer in you, a way for Quicksilver to preview only the file types of your choice. Details here.

  • Miscellany
  • Links in browsed URLs are ordered correctly, all core actions have descriptions, count badges are fixed, the interface will appear above full-screen applications, updates no longer require an admin password, pane 1 can be cleared with ⌃U – and many more.

    New mail icon and mailto: action

    New URL icon

    The interest shown in Quicksilver’s appearance has been great (metaphor switch warning), but that’s one cog in the large number of real improvements made to Quicksilver’s works. So (warning end), for the sake of balance, which new features do you think are newsworthy?


    * 80 changes in total!
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