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Alternate Actions

Over the years, Quicksilver’s arsenal of available actions has grown as more and more plugins have been created. At last count, Quicksilver has over 400 different actions from various sources for you to play with. That’s a lot!

So what if you don’t want to have all of these actions enabled? They may make searching for your most useful actions more laborious or difficult, or just clutter up your really neat and tidy results list:

Enter ‘Alternate Actions’

Alternate actions have been around for a while, but have been one of the many features that’s been hidden from prying eyes.

With the release of ß71, we’ve made this feature much more accessible and intuitive.

Alternate actions are a set of paired actions; a primary and an alternate action. We all know that with an action selected in Quicksilver’s 2nd pane, you can run this (the primary action) by hitting the enter key (↩).

Now if a primary action has an alternate action, you can run this alternate action by hitting command enter (⌘↩). With ß71, you’ll see if an action has a paired action by holding the command key (⌘). For example, the alternate action for ‘Open’ is ‘Reveal’. Hold ⌘ with the ‘Open’ action in the 2nd pane to see it, then ⌘↩ to use it!

What does this mean?

So now you know about alternate actions, where can you use them, and what are the benefits? With alternate actions, it means many more actions are available at the tips of your fingers. If ‘Open’ is the default action for files, you can now run the ‘Reveal’ action directly - without having to search for it. ‘Move To…’ and ‘Copy To…’ actions are alternates, so if you’re set up to move a file from A to B, but decide you only want to copy it, just press ⌘↩.

The great thing about alternate actions is that they work regardless of whether or not the alternate action is enabled in the Actions Preferences. You can disable all your alternates (Reveal, Copy To… etc.) and access them through the primary action with ⌘↩.

Tell me more about these alternate actions!

You can see which actions have alternates in the Actions Preferences in Quicksilver. We’ll be looking to add more as time goes on, but if you have any suggestions, then just let us know via @LoveQuicksilver or on the dedicated GitHub Issue

Happy Quicksilvering!

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